Wrong route? No problem, it turns right in the middle of a 4-lane!

Realizing that he had missed his exit, this motorist did not hesitate to change direction in the middle of the highway. Bad idea !

On the highway, when you miss an exit, it is better to wait for the next one than to take reckless risks trying to catch up with the route at all costs.

That, it would have been good to explain it to this motorist before it does anything on a major US highway. Because yes, you will see it, the latter realized that he was no longer on the right route when he was in the middle of a 4-lane road.

But rather than be patient and wait for the next release, this driver sped the wheel and tried to catch the right exit.

Only then, what had to happen happened, the driver in question did not succeed in his maneuver without causing damage and took with him another car which had not asked anyone.

I-395S is a circus from IdiotsInCars

A stupid accident

Luckily, theThe impact was not too violent and no injuries were reported in this incident.. But that does not detract from the stupidity of this accident which was so easily avoidable.

Yes, a simple glance in the mirror would have avoided all this history but above all, not turning like that in the middle of the highway can be a good idea in the future.

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