Would this mailbox attract cars?

Faced with the coincidence of two accidents in front of his house, the author of this video wondered (rightly) if his mailbox was magnetic.

In just 3 monthsthe owner of this house had to change his mailbox twice. Why ? Well it seems that the latter attracts cars.

What ? How ? Yes, as crazy as it may seem, the images speak for themselves you will see.
In effect, on March 12, 2021, a first car hit the said mailbox while driving at low speed. Simple lack of attention or a gesture of pure revenge, hard to say but what is certain is that the poor mailbox did not hold up.

I think my mailbox is magnetic from IdiotsInCars


After reinstalling his mailbox, the author of this video watched, helpless, to its destruction a second time on June 12, 2021. Strangely, the culprit’s car looked a lot like the first one.

Would it be the same, we cannot say but doubts are allowedespecially as the reverse really gave the impression of having been done voluntarily. If so, then it looks like someone is mad at the owner of the place. And if not, this mailbox is indeed magnetic for cars!

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