Without embarrassment, the bear dismantles the door of a car for food

It can happen to leave a cereal bar or a bag of chips lying around in your car. But when you’re in Tennessee, it’s taking the risk of seeing a bear land.

While they were quietly installed at the hotel swimming pool, these vacationers heard a huge noise coming from the parking lot. Neither one nor two, the author of the video ran to find out the why and how.

Surprise ! He then came face to face with a bear looking for food. But the animal did not care about our man at all and continued its expedition in the direction of a car. The latter was probably hiding some sweet treasures and the fact that it was locked did not bother the bear at all.

Oh no the latter managed to literally dismantle the rear door of the car to make their way inside.

Thank you goodbye

After extricating the car using its huge paws, the bear finally decided to turn back. Not because the author of the video scared him (although it took courage to venture in this way), but rather because he wanted to eat in peace.

As a result, the owners of said car discovered the damage without being able to do anything about it. Let’s just hope for them that their insurance covers bear attacks…

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