While trying to lift a tree, this crane truck ends up on the roof of a house

Oh the dumpling! While the purpose of this crane truck was to uproot a tree, the heavyweight ended up in the roof of a house nearby.

From the start of the video, the situation was already badly embarked. With these feet supposed to stabilize it, the crane truck was already not straight. However, to uproot a tree, you have to go there!

And you can imagine, in this duel between wood and metal, it is well and truly the tree that carried him away. “Nature always takes back its rights”. Here, this sentence has never made so much sense.

Because yes, if we understand the situation correctly, it was the owners of the house on the right who wanted to have this tree removed. Only then, things didn’t turn out the way they wanted and crazier still, the crane truck in question ended up on the roof of their house.

A backlash in due form…

There is breakage

When such a heavy weight crashes into the wooden roof of a house like this, the poor house has very little chance of resisting it.

This is also exactly what happened in this video since by falling backwards, the crane truck completely ripped through the roof behind it.

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