which 3-wheel scooter to choose in 2022?

Which 3-wheel scooter to choose in 2022 and why? Here is our buying guide on the most popular urban tricycles, without forgetting the pros and cons of 3 wheels.

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It was in 2006 that the scooter market welcomed the very first 3-wheeler. A unique vehicle that is ideal for motorists looking for easier urban mobility. The competition hasn’t just stood idly by, and trikes have continued to evolve over the years. From pure urban to more muscular road, back on the advantages and disadvantages of 3-wheel scooters, as well as the best models on the market.

Discover our buying guide to better choose your 3-wheel scooter, among the most popular tricycles such as the Peugeot Metropolis, the Piaggio MP3, the Yamaha Tricity, and the Quadro Qooder QV3. Back to the advantages and disadvantages before choosing your tricycle.

3-wheel scooter: pros and cons

3-wheel scooters have been criss-crossing the streets for more than 15 years, and commercial success is there! Unsurprisingly, 3-wheelers are today a type of scooter that is perfectly integrated into the everyday motorized landscape thanks to their many advantages. An alternative of choice for mobile urbanites, the motor tricycle is an agile and less cumbersome machine than the car for everyday personal and professional journeys. Better still, these L5e category 3-wheel scooters do not necessarily require a motorcycle license (A2 or A) and can be driven with a B license, accompanied by a 7-hour A1 training course. For motorists who had their license before March 1980, the A1 equivalence was even automatically obtained with the B license! Added to this are the practical advantages such as better stability and greater protection than on the handlebars of a scooter or motorcycle.

If there are, all the same, some small disadvantages, these are much fewer compared to the advantages. We will note in particular the two main constraints which are those of the high weight, and the inevitably larger turning radius. With a double front axle and a wider gauge, the 3-wheel scooter is inevitably heavier than a classic scooter, lighter and more agile. It will also be a little less responsive when starting, again due to its extra pounds on the scale. Beyond this physical aspect, the different displacements allow you to opt for a format more suited to your needs, which will not only make you gain in maneuverability, but also invest only in what you need.

The winner: the Peugeot Metropolis, a 100% Made in France scooter

We fell in love with the 100% Made in France tricycle from the lion brand! Sometimes you have to take your time to refine and offer a perfectly finished model. This is what Peugeot did in 2011, with its own vision of the 3-wheel scooter in order to compete with the MP3 in its category. But the advantage of Peugeot Motocycles is its automotive heritage. A heritage that can be found on the new Peugeot Metropolis 400, whose sportier design evokes the identity of the manufacturer’s cars. Behind his look, he’s a 3 wheels Made in France with top-of-the-range and perfectly high-tech ambitions available to us. Lighter than a 500 and more responsive than a 300 with sound 35.6 horsepower Euro 5 enginethe Metropolis 3-wheel scooter represents an ideal mix in addition to being a state-of-the-art companion: ABS-SBC braking for safety, digital and connected instrumentation i-Connect for ergonomics, Smart Key keyless start for simplicity, adjustable windshield and backrest for comfort. Definitely one of our favorite 3 wheels in 2022! We also appreciate the different GT and SW versions of the Peugeot Metropolis:

  • the Peugeot Metropolis GT for its sporting spirit embodied by an assertive and dynamic style characteristic of the manufacturer’s cars: shiny rims with yellow edging, naked handlebars, short smoked windscreen, and Satin Titanium livery are there.
  • the Peugeot Metropolis SW stands out for its comfort (adjustable rear suspensions, optimized passenger backrest) and practical aspects. With its double 54 l trunk and its large space under the saddle, it is the 3-wheeler that offers the most storage in its category! The safe and stable driving of the 3 wheeler is available from €9,199 for the Peugeot Metropolis in its Active version.

Find out more here about the Peugeot Metropolis 3-wheel scooter

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Piaggio MP3: a reference

It is not a surprise. Since the launch of the first generation at the end of 2006, it is he who democratizes scooters equipped with two wheels at the front. After selling more than 150,000 units, it welcomed a second generation in 2014. Available in 300, 400 and 500 (still without a motorcycle license), the Piaggio MP3 is aimed at both urban users and those who need to do the highway. The Italian tricycle stands out as a benchmark in terms of everyday practicalities, not to mention the range of displacements, which had no choice but to diversify to face the competition. The current Piaggio MP3 Business 500 is a model of choice to enter the Italian market, with its 44 horsepower and its very reassuring behavior for everyday life. On the other hand, the MP3 is rather heavy and relies on its achievements, which makes it a tricycle that is sometimes less sexy and much less differentiating than the more modern competition. Price: from €11,499.

Yamaha Tricity: the challenger

Here is one who has been able to learn lessons and radically upgrade. Initially released in 2015 in a 125 cc version, the Yamaha Tricity lacked convincing assets. In 2022, that is ancient history. Now offered in Tricity 300 in addition to the new, freshly unveiled 125 Euro 5 version, the 3-wheeler from the manufacturer in tune has caught up: it is more powerful with its 28 horsepower, displays a still correct weight of 239 kilos, and finally accommodates a Standing Assist stationary stability system, while sporting a design worthy of the name, inspired by its TMax and XMax brothers. In this segment, the Tricity has a lower weight than the competition, which favors its maneuverability and agility in urban traffic or in traffic jams, without sacrificing carrying capacity with its large trunk under the saddle. Functional and efficient, the Tricity remains a bit shy in terms of high-tech and electronic suite. Price: from €8,699.

Qooder QV3: accessible

A little less present in the urban landscape but just as respectable: the Qooder QV3. Designed by the Qooder brand (formerly Quadro, at the origin of the first 4-wheel scooter), this urban 3-wheeler plays the accessibility card. Under its modern and sporty “baby MP3” design, the scooter is powered by a 349 cc engine developing 28.9 horsepower, for a weight of 220 kg in running order. Features that make the machine one of the lightest and most manageable in its segment, not to mention its HTS suspension system (for Hydraulic Tilt System) ensuring progressive behavior of the front wheels of the scooter in all circumstances. Equipped with an LCD dashboard, the Qooder QV3 offers a good compromise between equipment, technology, handling, and of course price, since it is currently sold from €7,290. It will still be necessary to take into account a crucial aspect: the rather limited network and the lack of Qooder concessions, still not very present here.

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