When all traffic stops to let a small family of bears cross

Only in North America can you come across a bear and its family in the middle of the road. But you will see, this video may well make you smile.

Probably spotted a long time ago by rangers, this family of bears led by the mother was getting dangerously close to the road.

As a result, local authorities stopped traffic to allow the small herd to cross the road safely. It then offered us a moment out of time where all the cars stopped in the middle of the road so as not to disturb the mother and her babies.

A surreal scene even for the animals who didn’t really understand what was happening to them but who still took advantage of this moment suspended in time.

Cuteness at its peak

As you know, bears are potentially dangerous animals that should not be approached too closely without being sure of what you are doing. But in this video, it is strictly impossible not to melt in front of the cute side of this moment.

Sure, not all animals are lucky enough to cross the road in such conditions but these cubs and their mother, they had the right to the red carpet, or almost.

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