When a simple optical illusion makes it possible to park cars on a boat

Optical illusions have always existed but with telephones, the imagination of some has no limits. The proof with this very engaging video.

As you know, when cars park on a boat or a ferry during a crossing, don’t be afraid to squeeze. And for that, the sailors responsible for filling the car park must be very good at managing space.

An Internet user was therefore able to watch this “ballet” of organization and parking from the upper deck of a boat. But rather than stupidly filming thishe decided to make a fun little video out of it thanks to his imagination and his perfect framing.

Indeed, by placing his hand correctly in front of the lens of his phone, he gives us the impression of parking small cars in his room himself. You will see, it is very well done!

Perfectly done. from confusing_perspective

It’s work!

Between the coordination of the author of this video and the workers who put the cars away for real, all of this is a lot of work.

But we must recognize that all this small business is a great success and a small video like this, it feels good from time to time.

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A car-boat in the middle of the road? Welcome to Tennessee!

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