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Al Murabaa Net – Refueling diesel instead of gasoline is one of the common mistakes that some petrol car drivers make in various countries of the world. Of course, this mistake may pose a danger to the car’s engine, so what are its damages and the correct disposal of this problem?

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In the beginning, we must know that the chemical components of gasoline differ from diesel, where chemicals are added to gasoline that prevent it from self-combustion, and therefore gasoline engines carry ignition sparks to start the process of burning fuel.

As for diesel, it is spontaneously ignited if it is subjected to great pressure, and diesel is characterized by its high density, so if diesel is supplied by mistake, it causes a blockage of the fuel injectors, filters and lines of gasoline engines.

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As bad as this situation may be, the opposite problem of putting gasoline in the diesel tank will be much worse due to the high combustion tendencies of gasoline, which will ignite much sooner than diesel fuel, potentially causing catastrophic damage to the diesel engine and its components.

Experts have advised that you should take immediate action when you realize that you have put diesel instead of gasoline, which is not to start the car under any circumstances, and to have your car towed to a service center to drain the diesel immediately.

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Remember that trying to start the vehicle can cause diesel fuel to enter the fuel line and engine system, making the repair process more complicated and expensive.

To treat this problem, it is preferable to remove the tank from the car to withdraw the amount of diesel, and then the technician cleans and washes the tank repeatedly with fresh gasoline until the diesel fuel is completely washed.

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