Weirdest Maybach Coupe Cars That Have No Other

Today we got a YouTube video that shows a close look at the strangest Maybach Coupe cars that have no parallel in the world, and perhaps loyal ArabGT followers will remember the story of this car from the main photo.

The star of this video is a premium luxury coupe concept car named Project Maybach X Virgil Abloh (Project Maybach x Virgil Abloh), and from its name it is clear that it is the result of a collaboration between the Maybach division that specializes in making luxury cars at Mercedes-Benz and the late influential fashion designer Virgil Abloh, who died in November of 2021 after a battle with cancer.

This test car officially appeared for the first time on December 5, days after the death of designer Virgil Abloh.

Watch the new video that shows a closer look at the strangest, unparalleled Maybach Coupe cars:

This test car represents a very special class of car, as it is a two-seater coupe, as it is a luxury car, equipped with batteries being electric powered, in addition to being suitable for storming off-roads, to show a kind of futuristic vision of mobility and travel on electric cars.

This highly distinctive Maybach coupe is about 6 meters (5.99 meters) (236.2 inches) long and comes with a huge hood, a line of columns that protect occupants in the event of a coupe-roof accident, and it has adventure-friendly touches such as the chassis and front panels rear, off-road tires, and bolt-on fenders.

The hood of this only car is transparent and there are solar cells below it to extend the electric range of the electric test car, and it comes with a front emblem with the letter M for the Maybach division and not a Mercedes-Benz triple star, and there are spotlights mounted on the roof, and from the back the circular lights carry the illuminated Maybach logo in the middle of it.

The interior of the strangest Maybach Coupe cars carried a simple, luxurious and distinctive design at the same time. It has a desert-inspired color that matches its exterior color. You can transport two passengers on board on board a pair of futuristic chairs that can be folded flat. The centerpiece has old-fashioned metal handles, and storage compartments for outdoor gear can be found in various places around the cabin, such as the Maybach-branded axe and other accessories.

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