Waze is committed to protecting the oceans

Waze is partnering with Surfrider Foundation Europe to raise motorists’ awareness of eco-gestures when traveling this summer.

Guide users throughout their vacation while making them responsible. This is how we can sum up the news association between the Waze app and Sufrider Foundation Europe. An international NGO aiming to raise awareness about “the protection and enhancement of the oceancoastline, waves, lakes, rivers and all the people who enjoy them. »

For this purpose, Waze opens its software to this association from June 23 until August 31. A message system will educate motorists. In total, 28 million announcements are planned for these last ones.

What messages on Waze to make users aware of the state of the oceans?

They will appear in various scenarios. Thereby, three messages will be broadcast when the drivers come to a complete stopclose to coasts. “A water bottle for your holidays. Less plastic in the ocean. »we can thus read. But also “For the ocean, do the right thing. Don’t throw your cigarette butt out the window. Or “Come to the beach with your picnic. Leave with your waste. »

Ocean protection messages on the Waze application (photo credit - LinkedIn Jérôme Marty)

Ocean protection messages on the Waze application (image credit – LinkedIn Jérôme Marty)

The actions of Surfrider Foundation Europe volunteers will also be highlighted. Indeed, the application will report the beaches covered by the actions of the association. “Here, Surfrider Foundation Europe recently organized a waste collection”will announce the application near the location in question. Something to inspire those who wish to take a closer look at such actions.

On LinkedIn, Jérôme Marty, country manager France of Waze, said to himself very proud of this collaboration with the Surfrider Foundation Europe teams”. He wisheseducate our users heading towards the coast on the right eco-gestures to adopt to fight against plastic pollution of the oceans and beaches. [Et sur] local waste collection, awareness and participatory science initiatives led by Surfrider Foundation Europe. »

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