Vintage Revival Montlhéry 2022, a good taste of paradise!

How to relate the two days of the Vintage Revival Montlhéry 2022 which have just taken place on our favorite ring? It’s almost mission impossible, because how to tell more than 300 cars on the track, how to tell 150 motorcycles on the ring, which all date from before 1940. The task is titanic! Only one word is above the others, absolute happiness… well ok, there that makes two!

Vintage Revival Montlhéry 2022, a pure delight!

We’ve been waiting for it for almost 3 years, because since the 2019 edition, it is to live again herewe were entitled to a postponement, whose fault we know! But suddenly, it’s a blessing in disguise, because the VRM being held every two years, this date slip takes us straight to 2024 and what’s on this date… I’m waiting… the gentleman in green basically right, it will be the centenary of our favorite ring!

And who better to celebrate this anniversary than the Vintage Revival Montlhéry? And if, like this year, the VRM delights us, we will be patient!

For those whose awakening in the world of automotive passion is nascent, we go back to the basics. The Vintage Revival Montlhéry is a dynamic meeting, the only one in Europe, bringing together motorcycles and cars all dating from before 1940.

If brands like BMC, Antony, Sara or Salmson don’t ring a bell, that’s okay! They had come and were in great shape. We are more on competition vehicles, but ultimately… not only.

This year it was not far from 300 cars and 150 motorcycles that were gathered under the leadership of the famous organization of Vincent Chamon, whom we will thank in passing for having arranged such a fiesta of the old car for us. I say fiesta, because these two days have been nothing but pleasure, fun and contemplation of formidable and unique vehicles.

The organization, with its hundred volunteers, did everything to make the party possible, and it’s mission accomplished for them, that they receive our most sincere thanks. The rest of the public was not mistaken and had moved en masse to fill the center of the ring.

In addition to the paddocks, which we will visit later, a very nice stock exchange animated part of the car park. The participants would not have missed this event for anything in the world. For that, they had come from all over Europe. Thus, to the English majority, we could add Germans, Swiss, Belgians, Spaniards, Portuguese, Irish, Dutch and many others, certainly the Vintage Revival Montlhéry 2022 was European or even global!

But enough blah-blah, we’re here to breathe rubber and hot castor oil, so we rush on the track!

Stage A, the Vintage Revival Montlhéry 2022 celebrates 100 years of Amilcar!

The rolling trays were divided into 6 car categories and 2 more for motorcycles. The sets were full, ie 35 cars and 47 motorcycles per session, we weren’t robbed on the show!

This grid A, brought together cars from the years 1925 to the beginning of the 1930s. And for its centenary, it was the Amilcar brand which carved out the lion’s share of this grid, with many BNCs, also in force! What a pleasure to see these little cars again! We had some great passes on the circuit.

Tray B, the VRM attacks!

On this second series of the Vintage Revival Montlhéry 2022, the choice was wider, the Georges Irat and other Darmont or Peugeot were at work on the Essonne route.

In terms of rarities, there was a Neander (002), a Sara ATS3 (080) or a Salvador (137). My preference will go to the Antony “la bug” of 1927 (272).

Tray C, the Bugattis arrive!

On this one, we were very happy to see the Bugattis arrive on the ribbon. As a result, the Types 37 and the Brescia Sport delighted us!

The English with their Aston Martin “Le Mans” (131) or their Frazer-Nash (069) were not the last in the fight. A rare Chenard & Walker Tank Y8 came to close the march on this set of the Vintage Revival Montlhéry 2022.

Stage D, the VRM gives way to the Flying-banana!

This series was reserved for three-wheeled vehicles. This plateau of tricycles was mainly composed of Morgan and Darmont, some Sandford or Harley came to reinforce this plateau. Note that a few sidecars had slipped into the lot, after all, they are also three wheels! For my part, I adored the Castarede TM (282) and its good boiling resembling a goby fish, I like it a lot!

The Vintage Revival Montlhéry 2022 and Grand Prix Motorcycles!

For this first set of motorcycles, we had Grand-Prix machines on the menu. And it was rather hearty with leathers and a good smell of castor oil, you couldn’t ask for better. The whole spectrum of 1930s two-wheel brands was represented.

If brands like Norton, BSA or Triumph told us something, on the other hand, Sarolea, Douglas or the Belgians of Gillet Herstal spoke to us less. But no big deal, they gave us a great show in odorama and especially in sound! We even saw a Harley that I had met at the Normandy Beach Race. A pure delight!

Plateau E, at the VRM, it’s more fun!

Until now the series had been, rather, quiet. But with this Plateau E from the Vintage Revival Montlhéry 2022, the joke is over. It was the turn of the Grand-Prix cars to take to the track. So make way for Bugatti! The latter filled half the field well, whether with Type 35, 38 or 59, they were in force!

Luckily the Maseratis or other Alfas made the counter-attack, supported by Talbot-Lagos, Delahayes or MGs! Once again, the symphony of exhausts was there, to the delight of the many spectators!

There was also a rarity, in this case the mysterious and above all unique SEFAC GP (10), a car with an eight-cylinder engine mounted in parallel. For the record, this car was (re)discovered in the catacombs of Montlhéry, where it ran for the last time in 1939.

Plateau F, the Roaring Twenties at the Vintage Revival Montlhéry 2022!

This series F calmed us down a bit, but the turbulent little ones from Salmson or Derby came to give Rosengart and Amilcar a hard time. But the Austin Seven didn’t give up and didn’t give up!

Plateau G, we do the strange!

In this set we met very strange and completely improbable cars like the GMs with Mad Max car looks, but with 4-litre airplane engines. The peaceful Bentleys and Lagondas seemed a bit lost.

A few Bugattis and Rileys fought valiantly in this somewhat restless group! Fortunately, the imposing Ford Empty Special and its 3.4 L (164) engine came to put this little world back in place.

Plateau H, the VRM hits the pachyderm!

So there, with this H series, we were sailing in the sublime at the limit of delirium! It was the field of the biggest engines of this Vintage Revival Montlhéry 2022. We found on the track De Dion of 10L, a Luxior of 8.2 L or a Maybach of 21 liters… yes, if I assure you and the best and to come!

In addition to the Mercedes Simplex and its 6 liters, there was a Avion-Voisin (203) with its long tail and especially its 4L engine. The SAVA also had one of 5L! The Darracq (105) of 1905, with its rocket look, was equipped with a 25-litre V8, but without a body!

The delirium did not stop there, because the huge Bugatti Diatto Avio had 14500 cm³, it was not bad too! But the most impressive remains and will remain the Fiat S76, the Beast of Turin and its airship engine, which cubated at 28400cm³, vi vi more than 28L! A really crazy car with its flames coming out of its nostrils! If you want to know more, his full story is here.

As you can see, it was THE sick set of the Vintage Revival Montlhéry 2022!

Plateau of racing and sport motorcycles, no break!

If you wanted to take a break or go pee, you had to wait, because the grip wringers were reentering the track. A horde of Motosacoche, accompanied by Monet-Goyon and other Terrots set fire to the track. This series has succeeded in resurrecting many brands that have disappeared or are very little known.

We stay on the spot with the Board-Track Racer, which was made up of a very large number of Harley-Davidsons and Indians who, faithful to tradition, had the privilege of riding on the complete ring. It should be noted that almost all these motorcycles date from before the First World War.

To close the chapter on two-wheelers, motorcycles dating from before 1919 took to the track to entertain us during mealtime!

An extraordinary paddock at the Vintage Revival Montlhéry 2022

If the track is the tip of the iceberg, then the paddock is the submerged part, and it really is huge.

Who can tell me in which other country you can find so many Bugattis per square meter, where to find so many completely crazy bikes, where to find unknown brands that have long since disappeared, which for a weekend come back to life by the action of a few enthusiasts? I would like to know this place. In any case, I’m taking you on a crazy visit!

Vintage Revival Montlhéry 2022 in search of lost time!

I am sad writing this article. Already, because the Vintage Revival Montlhéry 2022 is over, and I could never describe to you the madness and the enormity of this meeting! Above all, a VRM can’t be told, it’s lived, it’s breathed, it’s tasted, it gives you chills, it bursts your ears, and all that ten thousand times a day!

I hope I have shown you that the Vintage Revival Montlhéry was a great success. The VRM teams have done a fantastic job, supported in this by theUTAC which, with its volunteers, also took up the challenge. The track marshals have meanwhile allowed all our restless clique to ride safely on our favorite circuit.

Now we’re going to taste our memories and wait patiently for the beginning of May 2024 and the centenary, damn it’s going to be long!

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