Verstappen and Pérez, do they have the same chances of winning the championship?

After his 3rd career success, Sergio Perez returned to 15 units of Max Verstappen, leader of the drivers’ championship. In view of the level of performance displayed since the start of this season of Formula 1 by the Mexican, it makes sense to wonder how will Red Bull react if its two drivers have to fight for the title?

15 days earlier at the 6th round of the season at Barcelonait had been asked twice to the winner of Monaco Grand Prix to move aside to let his teammate pass, who had just made a mistake a few laps earlier. Will Red Bull stick to its position favoring Max Verstappenthe champion energy drink brand? As a reminder, the Dutchman is the pure product of the Red Bull Driver Academy commanded by Helmut Marko.

1 year after his arrival in the Austrian clan, Sergio Perez took the time to adapt to his car but also to the demands of a top team. The Guadalajara native is also much more comfortable in these new generation single-seaters. The latter displays a much more efficient pace and close to Max Verstappen, particularly in qualifying. This allows the pilot to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to him and to seize the status of title contender this season.

Recently, Christian Horner (Red Bull Racing Team Managing Director) wanted to make things clear. The former racing driver told the magazine Bloomberg that he doesn’t care who can win the title, if not one of his two drivers:

” Ultimately, the two pilotss are team players. They are part of a stable. It’s not Sergio Pérez Racing or Max Verstappen Racing, it’s Red Bull Racing. They work for the team, they have a responsibility. They drive a car designed by around 800 employees here and produced for them. They are an important link in the chain, but it is vital that they are aware that the ambition of the team is greater than their own.

Red Bull got a good result, but at the same time exerted little influence to help Max take the lead. His third place, he owes it to Ferrari’s error during Charles Leclerc’s second stop. The leader of the championship, Max, was not helped in this sense by the chosen strategy. It turned completely to Checo’s advantage. It was disappointing for me, and I wish it had been different for the championship leader.

Pérez actually won the race thanks to his early pit stop. The team can perhaps explain this as a bet, but they had already seen, with Gasly for example, that the intermediaries were the best option at that time. I wish they had chosen Max, but of course I’m not entirely objective. I think ten points from Max were wasted here.

It doesn’t matter which of the two is world champion. Whether it’s Checo or Max, they’re both Red Bull drivers. »

If we take into account the words of the Briton, his two pilots will be treated with the same share of equality. But will Red Bull be ready to put aside its champion to take advantage of the one who arrived as a spearhead to support it in its quest for the world title, as we saw last season?

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