Toyota GR 86 Sport gets the highest US safety ratings

Al – The new Toyota GR 86 Sport has received the highest safety ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, outperforming all previous generations of the model.

The car excelled in all of the institute’s tests, scoring “good” ratings in crash tests and a “good” rating in the headlights test, which is very rare, with a good rating as well for the early collision avoidance system.

Toyota 86, square net

The car received an “acceptable” rating with a child seat installed, which is not expected for a sports car.. It is worth noting that the early collision avoidance technology is available exclusively in the category equipped with the automatic transmission.

The manual transmission class is not equipped with this technology, but it also managed to achieve excellent results in all crash tests and headlights.

Toyota 86, square netToyota 86, square netToyota 86, square netToyota 86, square netToyota 86, square net

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