Toyota Corolla 2021 specifications and prices

Toyota launched the new Toyota Corolla 2021 in the first quarter of this year 2021. It is considered one of the categories of cars that have a lot of audiences, so the owners of the agencies offer a down payment to people to reserve the car before it goes to the market.

Toyota has been one of the leading companies in the automotive industry for a long time, many people prefer to buy their cars through the reputation of the brand, which shows the confidence of many people in some well-known brands in the automotive industry, because the well-known brands in this field It depends on its reputation very much, so it puts a lot of effort during the release of a particular model, now we will give you a full detailed explanation of the new Toyota Corolla 2021.

General Specifications of Toyota Corolla 2021

Year of manufacture: 2020
Engine power: 122 hp
Engine Capacity: 1598 CC
Transmission: automatic
Number of cylinders: 4
Maximum torque (Nm/rpm): 154 Nm
Acceleration from 0 – 100 (km/h): 12.0 seconds
Traction type: front wheel drive
Number of seats: 5 seats
Number of doors: 4 doors
Average fuel consumption (l/100 km): 5.9 liters
Fuel tank capacity (liters): 55 liters
The recommended type of fuel: Gasoline
Top speed: 190 km/h
Rear boot space: 471 liters
rim size: 18

Toyota Corolla 2021 exterior specifications

Electric side mirrors: Yes
Side mirror signals: Yes
Front Fog Lights: None
Rear fog lanterns: Yes
LED backlight illumination: Yes
Headlight control: Yes

Safety specifications in the Toyota Corolla 2021

ABS brake system: Yes
Electronic brake distribution EBD: Yes
Electronic balance ESP: Yes
Number of airbags: 6
Anti-theft immobilizer system: Yes
Rear seat belt: Yes
Front and rear sensors: yes
Over-speed warning system: Yes

Additional specifications and accessories for Toyota Corolla 2021

Audio system: Yes
AUX Input: Yes
USB Input: Yes
Trip computer: Yes
Cigarette lighter: yes
Mobile ashtray: Yes
Electrical outlet: Yes
Rear trunk lid: Yes
Light in the back bag: Yes

External impression of the car

This car came from Toyota with a very distinctive exterior, as it got a front grille with a distinctive design and on top there is a logo of the global Toyota company, on both sides logo there are headlights that came in a retractable form to the sides, giving the front appearance of the car a very elegant touch, this car came With a length of 4630 and a width of 1780 in addition to a height of 1435 with a total weight of the car up to 1340 kg, the side mirrors in the car work with signals, and the car supports operation via remote control, and the headlights came with high-quality LED lighting, the car has a hatch Roof operates from inside the car through electronic control, which makes the car’s exterior appearance very elegant.

Interior impression of the car

Inside, the new Toyota Corolla has 2 front seats and 3 rear seats of luxurious fabric. The car contains additional safety factors such as air means, and the car contains air conditioning with high-quality performance, in addition to a high-tech information screen, which can Through it, it monitors the car while parking, and it also works for GPS geolocation and is also used for entertainment things. The windows work with electricity, as with one click you can control the condition of the window. The car has many capabilities, including Bluetooth, USB, and CD speakers, which make you Enjoy while driving in a great way.

Rear impression of the car

This car came from the back with a distinctive design, as it got high-quality LED rear lights with a more than wonderful design with excellent aesthetic lighting. Excellent for this car.

Available colors of the car

the Red.
the black.
the White.
navy blue

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