To solve his problems on the road, this motorist has found THE solution!

In the middle of summer on the road, the heat can sometimes reach peaks and make some people’s heads spin. Faced with this, this motorist has found how to refresh their ideas!

In this video captured at New Yorkthe cameraman was far from imagining how things were going to turn out. Indeed, when he pulled out his phone to film a fight between two motoristshe certainly thought that things were going to be limited to small insults or a banal exchange of middle fingers.

But not at all, the first began to throw something at the off-roader to his left. And the reaction of the latter will just be exceptional!

And for good reason, he will respond by spraying it with a water gun! Perfect for putting her ideas back in place, right?

If you road rage in NYC, have a water gun handy from IdiotsInCars

No violence, it’s the holidays

Rather than getting out of his car to fight, this driver preferred to play it funny and teasing watering the one who attacked him first.

The scene is very funny and above all, it has something to give us ideas in this period of heat wave! It’s true, a good shot of water in the head, there is no better way to calm an angry motorist… or not.

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