To attract the attention of his master, this little dog does not hesitate to use the horn

In this video captured in Thailand, we can see a dog eager for his master to get back to the car. Besides, he knows how to make her understand!

Dogs are sometimes smarter than some humans. We don’t teach you anything by saying this and we will even notice it in this unusual video.

And for good reason, in this scene, passers-by captured an incongruous moment of daily life in Thailand. Indeed, a dog had been left in a car while his master had gone away for a few moments.

He certainly hadn’t left it in the pickup and just had to be in a store. But even that, it does not have more to the animal which did not fail to make understand it to its owner but also to the entire neighborhood!

We’re coming back!

Yes, rather than barking and screaming to get his master’s attention, sir has found a much more effective and clever solution.

Indeed, he leaned on the steering wheel of the pick-up and started to honk. So once it’s fine, but the short-haired little beast didn’t just press the horn once! No, the scene lasted for long seconds until the video finally cut out.

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