Thousands of school buses will be missing at the start of the school year

Several thousand school bus drivers will be missing to provide services at the start of the 2022 school year. The profession is in crisis.

Will some children be condemned to sleep at school for lack of buses to bring them back? We are not there yet. There is always that number of school buses should not be available at the start of the school year. In question, a glaring lack of bus drivers.

Indeed, according to Jean-Sébastien Barrault, president of the National Federation of Passenger Transport (FNTV), ” it is nearly 20% of children which cannot be transported at the start of the school year”.

If he adds that” he will miss between 7,000 and 8,000 drivers to provide services” at the start of the school year, its objective is more important. The man seeks to recruit approximately 15,000 drivers This year “according to comments reported by France info.

School bus driver, a profession in crisis

The road sector is struggling to attract people. Blame it on the health crisis and working conditions. “It’s a real alarm call that our profession launches today »loose Jean-Sébastien Barrault.

The craft works largely on part-time contracts. Time slots are also important. Thus, they work in the morning to take the children to school, then in the evening to bring them back. What makes the sector “less attractive”. ” It’s necessary rework public procurement, contractsso that we can provide more working time to our drivers.

Increasing working time will, he says, to raise wages and to make the profession more attractive. This as she crosses a very serious crisis. “Many drivers have left the profession to go to other driving professions not suffering from the crisis. » And many are the professions in crisis to make themselves more attractive. The salaries of truck drivers have thus increased by 6% at the start of the year.

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