This SUV’s Too Sudden Lane Change Gone Wrong

Being attentive on the highway is important, but it’s not always everything. No, some motorists drive so badly and dangerously that things can go wrong very quickly. The proof in this video.

In this video captured with a dashcam (on-board camera) on a highway in Texaswe will meet again at the heart of an impressive accident.

Indeed, the author of the video was driving quietly on the fast lane when he was pushed off the highway. And for good reason, a driver driving a few meters away had obviously planned to go out there but for that, he did not intend to wait behind the author of these images.

As a result, he cut her off in a very cavalier way and what had to happen happened.

A big clash

Yes, the two vehicles collided head-on. And if the author of the video was not at fault for a penny, it was still well shaken.

The driver who cut him off didn’t do things by halves and didn’t hesitate to pass him without leaving the slightest space. The shock was then inevitable but luckily, neither car overturned or worse, went into the ditch.

However, at such a pace, things could have been even more serious!

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