This silly accident turned into a real pileup!

After a first collision in an intersection, one of the two drivers wanted to flee. As a result, it only made things worse.

The scene takes place in Russia (nothing really surprising) and dates back to June 3. It’s a security camera that films everything and we’re going to be able to witness a series, stupid, of accidents.

Indeed, the first occurs at an intersection. Two cars crash into each other thinking they both have the right of way. Only here, one of the drivers is obviously not fond of this kind of situation and wants to avoid a finding at all costs.

For this, he does not hesitate to start again after the shock, directly on the sidewalk. This is how the beginning of the problems begins.

Because yes, even if he is fit to leave, the driver is probably still in shock. He then drives very dangerously and causes a new accident.

That’s enough

After crashing with 3 separate carsthe driver ended up stopping, probably aware of his stupidity.

Anyway, we are dealing here with stupid and avoidable accidents but here is what it feels like to want to flee to avoid problems…

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