This semi-trailer completely went crazy and it’s pretty terrifying

We don’t know what could have put the driver of this semi-trailer in such a state but obviously, he intends to take revenge on everyone…

When he arrived in this small town in Nevada, the author of this video was very surprised by the behavior of this heavyweight. He then took out his phone to film the scene. but he was definitely not ready for what was to come next.

And for good reason, after colliding with a pick-up, the semi-trailer in question pretended to leave. But it was not ! No, the driver turned around to go straight for the author of these images.

The latter then took fright and managed to avoid it. Only here, in its mad race, the semi still managed to hit another vehicle at the entrance to a gas station. Worthy of a horror movie, these images show us all the madness of this truck driver who, fortunately, was able to be brought under control.

A one-way trip to jail

In the description of this very impressive video, its author explained the following facts, not visible on camera. He therefore recounts having succeeded in immobilizing the semi-trailer by disconnecting its brakes.

This then made it possible to wait for the arrival of the police but also of civil security. It took at least that to calm this real madman behind the wheel who was immediately sent to a cell awaiting trial.

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