This road sign is a bit special…

Near the city of Tucson, Arizona, some smart guys had fun hacking a road sign. And the least we can say is that it made the author of this video laugh.

While driving on the highway at night, this driver noticed something strange on a road sign. A message that she was unable to decipher at first since she was driving in the wrong direction.

But it was three in the morning and the road was deserted. She therefore took the luxury of turning around to be able to read this mysterious message. And arriving at the height of the panel, the motorist was not disappointed!

Indeed, the electrical display had apparently been hacked by smart guys. The latter then wrote a message far removed from road safety: “I need some, Legalize Heroine”.

Hint: spelling

As the author of this video pointed out, the little genius who started this joke missed the spelling of the word “heroin”.

Indeed, in English it is normally written “heroin”. As you will have understood, the author of the message was obviously talking about hard drugs and trying, we don’t really know how, to send a political message at three in the morning in Arizona.

Be that as it may, it will have had the merit of amusing this motorist, if not claiming real convictions…

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