This new 2025 car is very close to the production lines

Today we will introduce you to a new 2025 car that is very close to entering the production lines. It is the all-electric Cupra UrbanRebel, which is powered by a front-wheel drive FWD system and has a power of 223 horsepower.

We would like to note at the outset that the Cobra Company is new name The Seat Sport division specializes in the development of high-performance sports cars and racing cars from the Spanish company Seat, which was established in 1985.

This car has been shown electrical Previously seen as a massive, highly exaggerated winged concept car, it is now being offered as a more refined model that would be suitable for public roads in a production version that will be sold to customers.

As Cobra CEO Wayne Griffiths has stated, “UrbanRebel is more than just a Cobra. This is the model that will democratize electric urban mobility. We prove that electric cars don’t have to be boring. The entry of the next generation into our group.

This new 2025 car, which is close to production lines, will be based on a single electric motor with a power of 166 kW, equivalent to 223 hp (226 European hp PS), and this car will be based on the MEB platform such as; The Cobra Boon and VW ID3, unlike those models on the UrbanRebel’s electric motor, will power the front wheels.

Thanks to the use of lightweight materials in the construction of the newest Cobra cars, thanks to the adoption of 3D manufacturing processes, this electric car will accelerate from rest to a speed of 100 km / h (62 mph) in just 6.9 seconds, which is an acceleration very close to VW Polo GTI .

Cobra also claims the UrbanRebel is just 4,030mm long.

The new 2025 electric car will be able to cover a distance of up to 440 km (273 miles) on a single charge, and the larger Cobra Burne is rated as a reference as it can cover a distance of up to 539 km (335 miles) on a single electric charge according to WLTP standards.

All the way to the UrbanRebel’s interior there’s a large, curved infotainment screen, and the car features plenty of cool tech, while at the same time featuring a steering wheel with buttons that resemble a video game console, suggesting it’ll be marketed to a younger audience.

The Cobra company confirmed that the concept that we see in the pictures attached to this news represents 95 percent of the production car that will be launched in the year 2025.

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