This essence thief took an incredible return of karma!

For some time now, gasoline has become an increasingly expensive commodity. And faced with this soaring price, some do not hesitate to steal but it does not always go well!

On June 11, at Salt Lake City, Utaha gasoline thief was caught on security camera. The latter had slipped under a truck in order to siphon off the tank and fuel his pick-up.

Only then, after long seconds of using it in this way, things went wrong for this criminal. Yes, without us really knowing how, the fuel in question caught fire and began to spill over the troublemaker!

The latter then freed himself at full speed from the truck under which he was and tried to go out by rolling on the ground. The scene is hilarious and above all, This will serve as a lesson for the next few times!

Gasoline thief catches firefunny videos

A good lesson

We can say it here, this thief didn’t take a backlash but a flashback! Finally the looter left his burnt T-shirt to flee with his friend at the wheel of the pick-up.

The two men then left the poor truck burning. So let’s hope that the emergency services were able to intervene quickly.

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