This dog has understood how the drive works and he does not lose a beat

You definitely won’t see a cuter video than this today. And for good reason, this little dog is queuing up at the drive-thru and it’s to die for.

The author of this video could not believe her eyes. In front of her, in the queue of the drive, was a small dog. But the animal did not seem lost at all, quite the contrary.

Monsieur was well aware of what brought him there and car or not, he expected to be served! Indeed, usually the dogs that amuse us at the drive are in the back of the car and put on a show. But this is not the case.

Oh no, the short-haired beast was all alone, left to its own devices but had absolutely not lost its bearings. On the contrary, the little dog understood perfectly how the drive worked and therefore said to himself that he was going to try his luck by queuing, like almost everyone else…

Everyone takes their turn at the DriveHumor

The cuteness is never over

How not to melt in the face of such a scene. All that was missing was that the little dog got into a cart and there, the restaurant was his.

Not there, the little beast was on its feet and quietly waiting for its turn to come. So let’s hope that the employees were kind enough to give him something to eat.

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