This cat is a little too attached to his master, even if it means going on a scooter with him!

A cat or a dog installed in the backpack of a biker, that we have already seen. But a cat that gets on a scooter on its own, that’s a first.

Cats like this you can be sure there are not two in the world. And for good reason, the little ball of fur that you will see in this video is visibly very attached to its master.

So much so that she accompanies him everywhere thanks to his scooter. Captured in Indonesia, the scene is just hilarious. And for good reason, we are witnessing an improbable moment when the little cat decides to climb on his master’s scooter to hit the road with him.

As you will see in these images, no one is forcing the animal to climb, no, it’s the animal that springs up on its own and it’s way too cute.

Without helmet!

If the start is a little complicated for the little feline, the latter quickly finds its marks and manages to install his front legs so as not to fall.

It seems that Mr. is a regular on these little scooter rides. So obviously, we don’t advise you to train your cats for this, but you have to admit that it’s a lot of fun to watch.

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