This cat has suicidal desires, fortunately the bus is attentive!

In this little video captured in Peru, we can see how a small street cat tried to throw itself under the wheels of a bus. Fortunately, the driver had good reflexes.

It really took little for this little cat to be run over by a bus! But unlike more common accidents, this one would have been the fault of the hairy little beast.

And for good reason, the animal seemed really attracted by the wheels of the truck. So much so that he even tried to jump under it. Luckily, everyone had seen it and passers-by had time to warn the driver.

The latter then braked as quickly as possible. And it was this maneuver that allowed the little cat to escape unscathed from this situation as improbable as it is delicate.

We will have seen it all

Then, a suicidal cat, we didn’t expect to see that one day! Luckily, he didn’t pull it off, he was even thrown back onto the sidewalk by a passerby and it all ended well.

But, what idea to want to throw yourself under the wheels of a bus like that…

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