The truck loses control, this pedestrian borders on disaster!

In this scene captured on May 28 in Thailand, we can see an impressive accident following a truck going off the road. Fortunately, everything ended well.

As she quietly crossed the road in front of the author of the video, this woman almost got run over by a truck! It is extremely brutal and yet it is the reality.

Because yes, without us being able to really explain it, a heavy weight which arrived in the opposite direction completely lost control. He then left the limits of his path to find himself on the opposite lane, in the opposite direction.

But if this story was badly embarked, she ended up pretty well as you will see.

Very good reflexes

The young woman showed excellent reflexes when dodging that out of control truck. But the author of the video, he could not move to avoid the heavyweight.

Luckily, the latter managed to brake as best he could in order to lightly hit the car in which we are embarked. As we told you, this story almost turned into a tragedy but in the end, more fear than harm for everyone.

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