the top 10 most expensive cities in France

A study reveals the top 10 cities in which parking is the most expensive. A ranking dominated by Paris, ahead of Grenoble and Bordeaux.

For many city motorists, parking can be a tricky subject. In addition to the limited or already taken spaces, there is in fact paid parking, which is becoming more and more frequent. Depending on the cities, users are not in the same boat. Zenpark publishes a study bringing together the 10 most expensive cities in France for car parking.

Classification largely dominated, oh surprise, by Paris. The average price of one hour of paid parking in the City of Light is in fact not less than five euros. Which sticks quite well, finally, with the autophobic policy of Anne Hidalgo, mayor of the city.

The price of Paris is even staggering, since Grenoble and Bordeaux, respectively second and third, are far from such prices. The price there is indeed 2.50 euros per hour in the City of Three Roses. A price that drops to €2.15/h for the Pearl of Aquitaine.

The following cities are listed below 2€/h. Nantes is thus at the foot of the podium, at €1.90. Lille follows, at €1.70, ahead reindeer at €1.55. Lyons and Marseilles offer the same rate of €1.50 per hour on average. Strasbourg at €1.40 and Montpellier at €1.30/h on average brings up the rear.

Beware of fines for not respecting parking

The study also recalls that since January 1, 2018, paid parking is decentralized. Thus, the public parking service is competence of local authorities. Each of them defining its own strategy and pricing.

The same goes for fines. The law passed referred to a single fine of €17. From now on, make way for the FPS (post-parking package). The latter is set by each municipality, since the amount corresponds to the parking rate of the maximum authorized duration. Which can hurt very quickly. In Paris, for example, the FPS can go up to 75 euros.

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