the state earns nothing on taxes, according to Borne

Elisabeth Borne affirms that “the State does not earn money on fuel taxes”. It confirms its desire to get out of fossil fuels.

Elisabeth Borne affirms it: the state does not make money on fuel taxes. Questioned on Wednesday during a political meeting in Vire (Calvados), the Prime Minister also positioned in favor of purchasing power. “We must also bear in mind that purchasing power must of course be protected and we will do it”she said, in comments reported by The Parisian.

Nevertheless, the head of government also declares that it “must at the same time the maximum amount of money to get out of dependence on fossil fuels“. “We have to put many ways to make the ecological transition a successthe energy transition, and for the moment we are massively investing resources to finance fossil fuels. »

The current situation is paradoxical

Protecting purchasing power while spending on the energy transition is a difficult balancing act. Which makes Elisabeth Borne say that the current situation is “rather paradoxical”the moment delicate. However, the Prime Minister does not prevent herself from having specific objectives.

“It is absolutely necessary that we arrive at make that turn (of the ecological transition, Editor’s note), to reduce the consumption of buildings, to change the heating systems, switch to electric carsshe continues. And that we can devote the maximum of the country’s resources to get out of fossil fuels rather than subsidizing fossil fuels. »

let’s remember that taxes represent up to 60% of the price of fuel. Outraged VAT (set at 20%)fuels are subject to another tax: the TICPE. The rate of the latter is fixed and changes every year. Currently, she is on 59.4 euro cents per liter for diesel and 66.29 euro cents per liter for unleaded 95. A rate sharply increasing (in 2014, the TICPE on diesel was 42.8 cents/litre, 60.7 for SP95).

In total, the TICPE brought in 31.3 billion euros in 2019. This is the fourth public revenue of the State behind… the VAT.

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