The Reversibility of the Collection Registration Certificate in question

For some time we have been receiving a lot of requests concerning the reversibility of the Collection Registration Certificate. So, we thought we could answer a few questions about this particular procedure.

What is the Collection Registration Certificate?

We start with the basics. The Collection Registration Certificate is the new name of the Carte Grise Collection.

It’s not a very special Registration Certificate since the paper looks like your everyday car. Simply, in the Z lines, there is a “usage statement”. There are three types: Agricultural Vehicle, Military Vehicle and therefore “Collection Vehicle”.

To find out more about “what is it for” in particular, you will find various sites dedicated to the vintage car registration documentbut also our own experience:

File FFVE certificate 4-

Is the Collection Registration Certificate reversible?

For a long time we believed the opposite… but it is indeed possible and it always has been! In reality, when the Retrofit problem arose, and given that it is incompatible with a registration certificate bearing the mention of “collection” use, the public authorities and the FFVE asked themselves the question of this reversibility.

In fact, the legal texts have never frozen the transition to Carte Grise Collection. In fact, it has always been possible to go back. The belief in irreversibility comes in fact from the authorities’ lack of information on this point and from the fact that procedures are very rare.

How do I revert to the normal Registration Certificate?

This is the most complicated question addressed in this article. For once, unlike the passage in Certificate of Registration of Collection, we will not launch a procedure to explain it to you. Because, in addition, there is not really a “simple” procedure to undertake online.

What to do, go to the ANTS website, which centralizes all these requests and select “I want to make another request”. Be careful, in case of blocking, not sure that you will come across someone who can answer you, this procedure is not very common and, therefore, little known.

Why go back to normal gray card?

The question has several answers. If we can easily find answers to “why switch to a Collection Registration Certificate”, for the return to normal, it is more complicated. We cannot be exhaustive but here are some answers:

  • the fear of seeing the Collector’s Registration Certificates specifically taxed in the future, a fear that animates many reluctant owners and which is not based on much.
  • want a Retrofit! We told you, it is even this approach that is at the origin of the “unearthing” of the reversibility of the Collection Registration Certificate. Since you can’t retrofit a vehicle in CIC, it’s the only way to do it.
  • to undergo another heavy transformation to the car, a transformation that will require a new homologation

If you see other reasons, do not hesitate to comment on the article!

Are all collector’s registration certificates reversible?

NOPE ! It is not because you have obtained a Certificate of Registration of Collection that you will be able to return to a normal certificate!

The reason is quite simple: the Collection Registration Certificate is issued to you from the moment your car offers historical and heritage interest. On the other hand, it also makes it possible to obtain a registration certificate for a car which would never have been registered, and especially never approved, in France!

Suddenly, before returning to “normal” CI, the authorities will check that the car is approved on national territory. This prevents this reversibility from serving as a disguised homologation.

Otherwise, for other vehicles, no problem!

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