The pickup loses its cable drum and does not even realize it

In the middle of a road in Charlotte, North Carolina, this motorist captured a scene that was unlikely to say the least. A truck lost an empty cable drum without even realizing it.

When a truck loses its load in the middle of the road, it’s never a good thing. But then when the load in question is none other than a huge reel capable of rolling on its own, then it becomes very complicated.

Well, that’s exactly what these motorists of Charlotteon May 4th. Indeed, when the empty drum fell from its trailer, it first followed its owner for a few meters. With the inertia, he was able to roll behind the pickup without too many problems.

Only then, when he stopped, the road was unfortunately not straight. On the contrary, it was on a slope and inevitably, what had to happen happened…

More fear than harm

Ultimately, no one was hit by this wild drumbut it was close! Indeed, all the motorists managed to avoid it before it ended its race against a tree.

But there is no doubt that everyone must have had a good scare when they saw this huge cargo hurtling down the descent without any control. And for good reason, the driver of the pick-up didn’t even realize it…

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