The pickup in front of him hits his best dodge and lets a piece of debris fracture his windshield

In this scene captured in Thailand, we are in a car in the middle of the highway. And one of the risks on this kind of high-speed roads is getting something on the corner of the windshield!

While driving quietly, although a little too close to the pickup in front of him, the author of this video was attacked by debris. Yes, in the middle of a trip on the highway, this poor motorist received an unidentified object on the windshield.

At such a pace, it obviously does not forgive, but the most impressive in this story, it is certainly the dodge carried out by the pickup in front.

Indeed, the driver of the latter swerved at the right time to avoid this famous debris. But if the maneuver was a success for him, for the driver just behind, things were a little more complicated.


A debris that comes at full speed on the windshield in this way, obviously it is unpredictable. However, the author of this video should not have driven so close to the pickup.

With the right margin of safety, he might have had a chance to avoid this object and thus save his windshield. Because yes, there it is good to make it change.

The glass did not completely explode, but it cracked all the same.

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