The most prominent signs that a used car has been in a previous accident

Al Murabaa Net – Many consumers resort to buying used cars as a suitable alternative to new cars in order to save an amount of money, but some of them are surprised that they have been deceived by dealers and that the purchased car has been in a previous accident and has many problems.

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These dealers hide the effects of these accidents in order to raise the value of the car and make it easier to sell, so today we present to you the most prominent signs that the used car has been in a previous accident, as follows.

Variation in the degree of paint of the car

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In the event of an accident, the damaged part is repainted, and no matter how skilled the technician is in repainting the damaged part, new paint can be discovered through a good examination.

It can be examined by focusing on the paint and the reflections of light on it, that is, do not look at it directly, but from the sides and under strong lighting, then the unevenness of colors or ripples will appear in it.

-Does not lock tightly

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The accident often causes the car doors to tilt, which makes them do not close completely or easily, so when checking the car, it is important to try opening and closing the doors several times and see if there is a defect or tilt.

Non-original lights

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The headlights are the first to be damaged and broken in the event of an accident, then new lights are purchased, so check and compare the front and rear lights and if you find a discrepancy in the purity of their glass, this indicates the replacement of one of the bulbs because the car has been in an accident.

Windshield cracked

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Windshield cracks, even if they are very small, often indicate an accident, so double-check the integrity of the vehicle’s windshield.

There are new welds

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In the event that the car is subjected to a strong collision, the places of the seams in the car’s body may disintegrate, which requires re-welding those joints to return the car to before the accident, and therefore it is recommended to ensure the integrity of the seams in the car.

Edge mismatch

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When closing the doors, the hood and the luggage compartment door, the distances between the parts that separate them must be uniform and equal, and attention should be paid to the front and rear bumpers because they are among the most parts of the car that are prone to accidents, twisting and breaking.

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