the modified 2022 season calendar

The F1 Russian Grand Prix, canceled following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, will not be replaced. The 2022 season will therefore run over 22 rounds.

Formula 1 has taken the decision to not replace the Russian Grand Prix. Canceled earlier in the year following the invasion of Ukraine, no race will be held in its place. The 2022 calendar for the premier category of motorsport will therefore be run over 22 events, and not 23. Like last year.

On February 25, the F1 authorities decided indeed to cancel the Russian test. The latter was planned from September 23 to 25. She was to be the link between the end of the european tour in Monza (9 – 11 September) and the start of the tour in Asiawith Singapore (September 30 – October 2).

The impacted budget ceiling

Direct consequence of this less race, the budget ceiling is lowered. Fixed at €142.4 million for the current season, it will change to 141.2 million. This should not impact most teams, which already do not reach it. On the other hand, for Red Bull, Ferrari or even Mercedes, this may require some adjustments.

Drivers and teams will also have less of a chance of catching or widening the gap on their pursuers. But it’s also a weekend less work for the team members, whose grumbling is regularly heard. The strategies implemented year-round on parts management could also be turned upside downin a certain way.

Did the financial aspect take precedence?

Still, this decision is surprising. Indeed, the more races F1 organizes, the more revenue it generates. The decision not to replace the Russian Grand Prix could stem from the fact that the financial aspect has not, this time, been put in the background.

Indeed, in 2020 and 2021, certain events were able to benefit a discount on the price of organizing a race. In the context of the Covid, this had allowed many circuits to position themselves and fill a light calendar. One thinks of Portimão, or Mugello.

However, this season, F1, which has regained its public and a busy schedule, would not have not been so lax on money matters. This would explain why many circuits could not claim to organize a race.

Especially since with the Asian tour, organizing a race in Europe was not possiblefor logistical reasons. Qatar was also a candidate, before giving up, it seems for problems of heat for the public. Singapore was thinking for a time of organize a day racebut it didn’t work.

There is no doubt that the decision will be discussed this weekend, during the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. Also remember that the GP of France is not moving. The F1s will drive in France July 22-24 !

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