The loading of this dirt bike goes wrong and it’s hilarious!

Before going on the road with one or more motocrossers, they must first be loaded into the pick-up. If this seems at first glance, things can quickly get complicated…

A little too confident when loading his motorcycle into the back of his pick-up, the poor man forgot to be vigilant. At least that’s what these images lead us to believe which, as you will see, are very likely to make you smile.

Because yes, faced with such a scene it is difficult to remain stoic. And fortunately for the culprit/victim, it was a surveillance camera that filmed the scene and not one of his friends.

If that had been the case, he would have heard about it for weeks on end. And for good reason, we are really dealing here with a fail exceptional.

Almost, almost, oh no!

However, the owner of this dirt bike had taken it twice to get the two-wheeler into the trailer. Yes but here it is, even like that, he made the mistake of accelerating too much without sitting on the bike.

This kind of thoughtlessness does not forgive and you have seen it once again. Fortunately, the poor man did not hurt himself too much.

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