the French Origin Guaranteed electric scooter

After being talked about for the development of its hydrogen scooter, the Mob-ion company, created in 2016 by Christian Bruère is now launching its AM1 electric scooter on the market. By taking the opposite view of planned obsolescence, the young company intends to offer sustainable vehicles, from the design to the recycling of scooters, drawing on the know-how of French companies.

Designed and assembled in France, electric scooters Urban Mob-ion have been certified Origine France Garantie since last summer. A certification which guarantees that the selected product derives its essential characteristics in France and that at least 50% of its cost price is French. The manufacture of the battery in Artigues-près-Bordeaux, in New Aquitaine, the electronics for managing the battery and the controller near Nantes, in Loire-Atlantique, even make it possible to reach 68.9%. The production of scooters in Guise, in the Aisne, also strengthens this national anchoring.

Mob-ion AM1: the Guaranteed French Origin electric scooter

In addition, all mechanical and electronic spare parts are eco-designed with the aim of repairability, reconditioning and recycling. The “design for disassembly” (removable design) therefore allows the manufacturer to keep control of the quality of replacement parts, in order to preserve the longevity of the products, or to decide on their reconditioning or recycling. For example, all the components of the AM1 scooter are designed to optimize their lifespan (reinforcement of the cycle part, increased dimensioning, anti-loosening stainless steel screw, electronic part designed to be repairable, battery with extended lifespan).

Another particularity of the Mob-ion company, scooters are of course guaranteed, but also recorded. Indeed, if the customer wishes to return his scooter with its batteries at the end of the contractual guarantee of 4 years, or from 60,000 km, it will be refunded 15% of the purchase price. The scooters thus recovered are dismantled and certain components reused to manufacture new vehicles.

Mob-ion AM1: the Guaranteed French Origin electric scooter

Of French design, the battery of the French electric scooter equivalent to 50 cm3 allows, depending on the versions, a range of 42 to 195 km (depending on use and weather conditions), for easier recharging thanks to one or more portable chargers, between 2:15 a.m. and 4:30 a.m. depending on the type of batteries and chargers.

Note that Mob-ion also offers a service contract which includes home assistance with replacement of the vehicle if necessary, the execution of the maintenance program, the maintenance of wear parts at home also, an accident guarantee with excess. , the fixed limitation of repair in the event of an accident.

The Mob-ion AM1 electric scooter starts at € 3,582.84.

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