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Al Murabaa Net – Lucid made only 520 copies of the exclusive launch version of the Air model, called “The Dream”, and a copy of them actually crashed in California, USA, after an unfortunate collision with another car, and we have attached the photos of the damaged car below.

Lucid Air, Al Murabaa Net

Lucid launched two main versions of the most luxurious dream version, the first is the performance version and the second is the range version, and the performance version was launched with a power of 1111 hp and a range of 764 km per charge, while the range version, on the other hand, enjoys 833 km of range and 933 hp.

As for acceleration numbers: the performance version accelerates from zero to 96 km / h in 2.5 seconds, and the range version in 2.7 seconds, both with all-wheel drive systems, two electric motors, a top speed of 270 km / h and 19 or 21 inch wheels.

The price of the exclusive Dream Edition of the Lucid Air model starts from 169,000 dollars – 633,000 riyals for the two versions.. Now Lucid has started preparing to launch the other standard categories of the model at much cheaper prices.

Lucid Air, Al Murabaa NetLucid Air, Al Murabaa NetLucid Air, Al Murabaa Net

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