The famous rock band Muse have fun at Lamborghini before their concert

The advantage of being a star like the members of the Muse rock bandis that it is easier to be invited by Lamborghini for a short driving session.

That’s good, these Brits are big fans of cars and particularly of the Italian manufacturer from Sant’Agata near Bologna.

Two of the members therefore went to the circuit to try out the new Huracan STO and its 640 horsepower. Unsurprisingly, the two men were conquered by the power of the beast and did not fail to thank their host greatly for the day.

“Driving a Lamborghini is like being on stage”

Asked about their first hot impressions, Matthew James Bellamythe singer, and Dominic James Howardthe drummer, both agreed. The STO has nothing to do with the Performance Huracan that they had already been able to try three years ago.

They also explained that they felt similar sensations in terms of adrenaline between a concert and piloting an STO, just that!

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