The drifting session ended in the bushes for this Corvette C8!

Oh the dumpling! Dropped on a clear piece of road and driving a sublime Corvette C8, this motorist has completely missed it and it hurts my heart to see that…

We can never repeat it enough, but riding behind the wheel of an ultra-powerful racing car requires a little control. Unfortunately here, the owner of this Corvette C8 didn’t have any and it quickly turned bad.

Indeed, the fireball quickly went into a spin to finally end its race in the bushes at the side of the road. A witness to the scene was able to film the whole thing by drawing his phone at the right time and you will see it, the driver clearly did not go there with the back of the spoon!

Alcoholic, of course

The author of the video then entrusted our American colleagues with Carscoops that the culprit was very alcoholic at the time of the facts. Yes, the police quickly returned to the scene to secure the scene and if no injuries were to be declared, the culprit was able to say goodbye to his driving license.

The Corvette, meanwhile, was finally able to come out of the bushes but for repairs, it may well be very expensive given its condition.

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