the discount of 18 cents extended for the summer

While the government will extend the discount of 18 cents on fuel, Bruno the Mayor declares that motorists will not be penalized this summer.

” The government will not penalize motorists during the summer. » The sentence is not direct, but its meaning is clear: the 18-cent rebate, which was originally scheduled to end on July 31, will last at least all summer.

Recently, the public authorities have indeed declared that it will be extended, while remaining vague. Invited this June 1st on the antenna of France Inter, Bruno the Mayor gave some details on the government’s strategy about the fuel crisis.

“Of the 18 euro cents discount per liter of fuel granted by the government, the President of the Republic was very clear on the fact that we would extend this measure this summerhe first said. We are not going to penalize motorists during the summer. »

The specter of targeted fuel aid still hangs

As since last April, the Minister of the Economy once again addressed the subject of targeted aid. As since last April, he admitted to preparing discussions this summer, with the new majorityin order to switch to a more targeted device. »

This last “will primarily concern the poorest householdsor people who do not have no other choice than going to work at the wheel of their vehicle, like caregivers. Or those who are too far from their place of work. »

Remember that liberal caregivers have had, since the end of last April, a additional discount at the pump of 15 centimes, issued by the Sécu. A sort of test of a targeted measure? Hard to say.

In the meantime, motorists in France can be reassured. Even though the recent European Union embargo on Russian petroleum products did take prices up again. And the prices will most certainly follow the same curve in the coming days…

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