the diesel explodes and overtakes the gasoline

Last week on average in France, the price of diesel jumped more than 10 cents. Gasoline is ballasted by an average of three cents.

The weeks follow one another and look alike, unfortunately, in terms of the evolution of fuel prices. Like a fortnight agothe past week was marked by a further rise in energy prices.

This is indeed what the price index of petroleum products, updated today by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, reveals. Last week, the price of diesel has jumped in France. That of gasoline increased, to a lesser extent.

Thereby, diesel increased by 10.8 cents per liter. Over the last seven days, it peaked on average at no less than €2.0694 in France. The fateful bar of the two euros is once again exceeded. The last time this happened, it was at the end of march. The war in Ukraine was just beginning.

Gasoline prices are also on the rise.

If diesel is the worst off in terms of rising prices, gasoline is not spared. Premium fuels take on average three cents. So the SP95 goes to 2.1309€/L. The liter of its E10 version remains a little cheaper, at €2.0960. What is “far” from the price per liter of SP98, at 2.1989 euros. Can the bar of 2.20 euros per liter be crossed?

Surprisingly, the most significant increase after diesel concerns… superethanol E85 ! The latter contains 60% to 85% biofuels, the rest being made up of gasoline. It is therefore assumed to be less impacted by the increase in the price of gasoline. Which was the case lately.

However, last week, its price increased by not less than four cents per liter ! The prices remain, of course, very affordable, 0.85€/L but are getting closer and closer to the euro. LPG is also on the rise anecdotally, at +0.0031 euro cents.

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