the bonus removed in the United Kingdom, soon in France?

The British government has just put an end to the ecological bonus for the purchase of an electric vehicle in the United Kingdom. A measure soon to be rolled out in France?

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has just announced the official end of the subsidy of 1,500 pounds (more than 1,700 euros) paid to buyers of certain new electric cars. This incentive program for the purchase of a so-called “clean” vehicle, started in 2011, would have “supported the sale of almost half a million” electric cars, the British government said in a press release. But the executive now wants to focus on the development of other types of electric vehicles: taxis, motorcycles, vans, trucks, vehicles accessible to wheelchairs… An envelope of 300 million pounds is thus planned.

The government also claims that its position has always been clear that this was “temporary funding”, and that the amount, initially set at £5,000, had already been gradually reduced, with “little ‘effect on the rapid acceleration of sales’ of electric cars. According to the executive, motorists opting for electric also benefit from substantial savings fuel, road tax or company car tax rate.

A bad signal according to consumer associations

The decision to remove the subsidy for plug-in cars send the wrong message », and arrives « at the worst time for a sector that has not yet recovered from the pandemic, denounced Mike Hawes, chief executive of SMMT, the British association of the automotive sector. ” We are now the only major European market with no initial purchase incentive for electric cars “, he added.

To make (electric cars) accessible to all, we need prices to come down added the road users’ association RAC, saying ” disappointed that the government has chosen to end the subsidy at this stage “.

And France in all this?

If this measure mainly concerns our neighbors across the Channel, it could be applied to us later. Indeed, the purchase aid for electricity are not eternal, and could disappear within a few years. But rest assured, tomorrow is not the day before! The market is still booming, and it needs this boost to truly explode. In the first place, aid should simply reduce, since the next step is the lowering of the bonus by €1,000 from July 1, 2022 (initially scheduled for January 1, 2022). On this date, rechargeable hybrids will also be excluded from the aid system, reserved for electric vehicles whose CO2 emission rate is less than or equal to 20 g/km.

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