The best (or worst) overtaking in history?

It’s not really the season anymore, but in the video you’re about to see, the road is frozen. And that is what caused this simply improbable overrun.

To pass a car, you have to make sure that all the conditions are met. No vehicle in front, visibility, adequate speed and finally, favorable weather conditions!

For this last criterion, the driver of this Subaru decided to close his eyes. But unlike the videos you can usually see, things turned out well for him.

And for good reason, without wanting it (one supposes), he offered us the most overtaking badass of automotive history. Yes, out of nowhere, the white racing car overtook the author of the video by making a complete turn on itself, normal!

The greatest pass in automotive history from IdiotsInCars

It slips !

So yes, we are currently getting closer to summer but this video is not just for those most nostalgic for winter. No, it is for everyone.

First of all because it’s not every day that we have the right to such a maneuver even if of course, none of this was completely mastered. But above all, it proves that depending on the driving conditions, it is best to stay warm behind the cars.

Fortunately here, everything ended well and the author of the video even captured an incredible moment!

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