The all-new Kia Sportage..a pioneering SUV with an attractive design


The global version of the new Kia Sportage 2022 officially debuted, in June of this year, on the Internet, with quirky design touches and available customization options.

Now, almost three months after its debut, the Korean crossover is making its European premiere, and a few days before the official debut is scheduled at the IAA 2021 Munich next week.

The new Kia Sportage looks familiar but is somewhat different from the global model, as it highlights the trim level of the sporty-looking GT Line with a distinctive front-end design. The radiator grille, for example, has a hexagonal pattern, while the lower From bumper has a different design and a new position for the adaptive cruise control radar.

In particular, the European Sportage is shorter than the model offered in all world markets.

The rear doors are also shorter with a smaller rear quarter panel that lacks a window, given the shorter wheelbase, which for the European market would be 2,680 mm (105.51 in) versus 2,755 mm (108.4 in) for the global model.

While the European crossover has an overall length of 4,515 mm (177.75 in), making it 145 mm (5.7 in) shorter than the Sportage we saw three months ago.

Inside the cabin, the two-screen design moves unchanged in the European version, and the GT Line also offers several great updates, including a flat-bottomed multifunction steering wheel, carbon-fiber trim, and special leather upholstery with white stitching. GT Line lettering is embroidered.

Kia is set to sell the European-spec Sportage, which it describes as the first European-specific Sportage in the esteemed model’s 28-year history, with a plug-in hybrid and a choice of hybrid, petrol, and diesel engines.

All versions will also be equipped with a start-up system in conjunction with Kia’s ADAS technology, which senses and determines if and when the system must be activated, such as when the vehicle approaches a stop sign or an intersection.

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