The 50 cheapest cars on the French market

[Mis à jour le 17/06/2022 à 18h00] As the 2022 financial year draws to a close, it is possible to buy a new car from 10,990 euros. Currently, the models displayed in France at less than 15,000 euros are 9 in number. Auto-Moto gives you the list of 50 cheapest cars of the French market, combined below the threshold of 23,690 euros. Discover the ranking in pictures in the slideshow above.

Approaching the end of the second trimesterthere is a new increase in the price of access to the least expensive car currently marketed in France. Indeed, the Sandero invoice the arrival, on the whole of the Dacia range, of new equipment and a new grille in particular. Now it requires a minimum of 10,990 euros (against 10,790 euros until then) for its Essence 1.0 SCe 65 hp Essential version (instead of Essential). For his part, the Dacia Jogger starts at €16,790 (against 15,990 euros), while the Duster is now displayed from €18,500 (against 17,990 euros) with the 115 hp diesel (in the absence of the LPG Eco-G 100 hp). Dacia’s 100% electric car, the Spring Electricis also concerned by an increase in its price, from 17,690 to 19,800 euros excluding bonuses, i.e. from 12,913.70 to 14,454 euros now after bonus limited to 27%.

The beginning of 2022 marked a turning point in terms of the least expensive cars on the French market. In the first trimester, there was no no more new models available below the symbolic threshold of 10,000 euros. Until then credited with a base rate of 9,990 euros, the new Dacia Sandero was displayed at a minimum of 10,490 euros. During the first trimestermany other vehicles also saw their entry-level version rise in price, namely the Fiat Panda (from 11,990 to 12,290), the Citroën C1 (from 12,350 to 12 950 euros), the Peugeot 108 (from 12,800 to 13,400), the Renault Twingo (from 13,750 to 15,600), the Kia Rio (from 15,290 to 15,590), the Nissan Micra (from 17,190 to 18,990 ), the volkswagen polo (from 17,260 to 20,175), the Ford Fiesta (from 17,390 to 19,190), the Honda Jazz (from 18,190 to 23,000), the Toyota Yaris (from 18,250 to 18,650), the Mazda 2 (from 18,750 to 18,950), the Citroën C3 Aircross (from 19,050 to 19,650), the Nissan Juke (from 21,090 to 21,390) the Citroen C4 (from 21,100 to 21,800), the Mini One (from 21,300 to 22,600), the Renault Captur (from 22,450 to 23,100). the Dacia Jogger enters this ranking with its access price of 14,990 euros, just like the Toyota Aygo X at 15,990 euros, replacing the Aygo. Otherwise, three 100% electric models are in this Top 50 : the Dacia Spring Electric (price increase from 17,390 to 17,690 euros excluding bonus, i.e. 12,913.70 euros after bonus limited to 27%), the Renault Twingo Electric (price increase from 21,550 to 21,950 euros excluding bonus, i.e. 16,023.50 euros after bonus limited to 27%) and the Volkswagen e-up!back on the market (24,690 euros excluding bonus, i.e. 18,690 euros after bonus).

At the end of 2021, many new vehicles saw their entry-level prices increase. The models concerned are: the Kia Picanto (from 11,790 to 12,090 euros), the Hyundai i10 (from 12,090 to 12,240), the Citroën C1 (from 12,150 to 12,350), the Mitsubishi Space Star (from 12,590 to 12,990), the Peugeot 108 (from 12,600 to 12,800), the Renault Twingo (from 13,450 to 13,750), the Dacia Duster (from 14,490 to 14,990), the Dacia Lodgy (from 15,000 to 15 200), the Volkswagen Up! (from 15,160 to 15,500), the Fiat 500 (from 15,290 to 16,190), the Citroën C3 (from 15,600 to 15,750), theVauxhall Corsa (from 15,700 to 16,400), the Renault Clio (from 15,900 to 16,550), the Peugeot 208 (from 16,200 to 17,000), the Seat Ibiza (from 16,490 to 16,790), the Fiat Tipo (16,490 to 16,990), the Ford Fiesta (from 16,750 to 17,390), the Ford Tourneo Courier (from 17,110 to 19,770), the Citroën C3 Aircross ( from 18,850 to 19,050), the Kia Stonic (from 19,690 to 19,990), the Skoda Kamiq (from 20,640 to 21,140), the Opel Crossland X (from 20,700 to 21,650), the Skoda Scala (from 20,720 to 21,230), the Ford Ecosport (from 20,900 to 23,650), the Audi A1 Sportback (from 21,840 to 22,280), the Kia Ceed (from 21,690 to 21,990), the Renault Captur (from 21,950 to 22,450), the Fiat 500X (from 22,090 to 23,190). Not to mention the 100% electric models: the Dacia Spring Electric (price increase from 16,990 to 17,390 euros excluding bonuses, i.e. 12,694.70 euros after bonus limited to 27%), the Renault Twingo Electric (price increase from 21 350 to 21,550 euros excluding bonus, i.e. 15,731.50 euros after bonus limited to 27%) and the Seat Mii Electric (from 21,920 to 23,070 euros excluding bonus, i.e. 17,070 euros after bonus).

At the end of the third quarter, the new Dacia Sandero had its base price increasedon the 1.0 SCe 65 hp Essential version, around 1,100 euros (from 8,890 to 9,990 euros). However, it then remained the cheapest car available in France. The other vehicles credited with a price increase are: the Kia Rio (from 14,990 to 15,290), the Volkswagen Up! (from 15,000 to 15,160), the Opel Corsa (from 15,500 to 15,700 euros), the Skoda Fabia (from 15,690 to 16,730), the Seat Ibiza (from 16,215 to 16,490 euros), the Nissan Micra (from 16,990 to 17,190), the Mazda 2 (from 18,350 to 18,750), the Opel Crossland X (from 20,150 to 20,700), the Skoda Kamiq (from 20,300 to 20,640 euros), the Skoda Scala (from 20,330 to 20,720 euros), the Nissan Juke (from 20,490 to 21,090), the Citroën C4 (from 20,900 to 21,100), the Mini One (from 20,900 to 21,300), the Volkswagen T-Cross (from 21,475 to 21,845), the Audi A1 Sportback (from 21,500 to 21,840), the Fiat 500X (from 21,990 to 22,090).

At the end of the first half of 2021here are the models concerned by a change in the starting price: the Mitsubishi Space Star (from 12,390 to 12,590 euros), the Dacia Duster (from 12,490 to 14,490 euros), a price increase which is explained by the removal of its entry-level 1.0 TCe 90 hp, a status recovered by the 100 hp LPG block, the Ford Fiesta (from 14,600 to 16,750 euros), the Dacia Lodgy (from 14,700 to 15,000 euros), the Opel Corsa (from 15,250 to 15,500 euros), the Citroën C3 (from 15,300 to 15,600 euros), the Renault Clio (from 15,300 to 15,900 euros), the Fiat Tipo (from 15,990 to 16,490 euros) , the Peugeot 208 (from 16,000 to 16,200 euros), the Seat Ibiza (from 16,190 to 16,215 euros), the Seat Arona (from 16,900 to 17,990 euros), the Toyota Yaris (from 17,750 to 18,250 euros), the Skoda Kamiq (from 19,500 to 20,300 euros) and the Renault Captur (from 21,750 to 21,950 euros).

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Our prize list is an opportunity to highlight models that are not very exposed, but offered at very attractive prices. A competition that is good for consumers in the long term. In 1996, you had to save 6.36 months of minimum wage to buy a Seat Marbella (then billed at 36,590 francs), the least expensive vehicle on the market. Twenty years later, the price of the cheapest car sold in France is equivalent to 5.3 months of minimum wage… Other good news for buyers: while most of the cars offered under 13,000 euros are city cars, there are also station wagons, compact people carriers, SUVs and MPVs. Large families or drivers who favor roominess are therefore not forgotten. However, these advances come at a cost. That of a more distant production : a Seat Marbella was manufactured in Spain, while Dacias are now assembled in Romania or Morocco, where wages are further compressed. As in many areas, globalization is on the way…

Least expensive cars: the methodology

The prices displayed in this ranking are the prices displayed in the catalog of each brand, without promotion or bonus/penalty. We have voluntarily removed from this classification the Renault Twizyoffered from 7,540 euros, as well as the recent Citroen Amidisplayed from 6,900 euros. For us, these electric vehicles, with their quadricycle approval synonymous with a bonus of 900 euros, are too confined to urban use – and do not always require obtaining a B license – to appear in our list reserved for multi-purpose cars.

Text: Andy David and Richard Burgan

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