taxes will not change in France

Responding to a member, the government has just confirmed that fuel taxes will not change, in order to lower prices.

Almost a year ago, on August 31, MP Marie Tamarelle-Verhaeghe (La République en Marche) asked the government about a potential change in fuel taxation.

In the text of her question, the member was already stressing that the sharp increase in the price of gasoline in France. In one year, the price of SP95 increased by 16.9%that of 16.4% SP98 and that of 16.8% diesel. »

“In rural areas, where the car is more necessary than elsewhere for daily travel, this increase weighs heavily on household expensesshe recalled in particular.

“While the price of gasoline in France is subject to significant state taxation, [Marie Tamarelle-Verhaeghe] wish know the measures envisaged by the Government to cushion the increase in the price of fuel, which according to experts should not decline for several months”concluded the text of the question.

No change in fuel tax

Forecasts that unfortunately turned out to be correct. In nearly a year, fuel prices have only gone up. The increase in demand was combined the war in Ukrainedisrupting the markets. Currently, fuel prices are well over 2 euros per liter. And it shouldn’t go down.

Despite everything, the government does not plan to reform fuel taxation. ” The government does not currently foresee any major changes terms of this device [des taxes] »we read in the text of the answer on the site of the Questions of the National Assembly.

“The Prime Minister has announced several measures intended to protect the French against soaring energy prices, in particular the revaluation of the energy voucher, the tariff shield and a new exceptional indemnity”also recalls the text. It should be remembered that the government has in particular set up a discount of 18 cents on fuel prices. News more targeted aid should appear in the future.

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