Stopped at a red light, the biker is caught by a “lasso”

In the heart of Houston, Texas, this biker had a funny story when he was stopped at an intersection. Fortunately, everything ended well and that gives him a hell of an anecdote to tell.

As he waited quietly at the red light, this biker almost got picked up by a pick-up that was a little too loaded. How ? Not by being knocked down, but well on board in the first sense of the word.

Come on, let’s explain. In fact, passing at the height of the motorcycle, the pickup thought he was a cowboy. Of course it was all involuntary but it still greatly surprised the biker who was certainly not expecting this.

Yes, the security strips carried by the pick-up took a little too many liberties and came to wrap themselves around the helmet of the two-wheeler. Luckily, everything was filmed and you are going to see it, it’s really an unlikely situation.

Very annoyed

Very quickly, the tapes left the motorcyclist alone, but the latter took a real fright. At the same time, there is reason since being arrested in this way, there was little chance that he would be lassoed like that.

But he can consider himself lucky to have everything on video because without these images, it would have been difficult to believe him…

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