Small speeding, soon less punished?

The Ministry of the Interior has admitted to thinking about the idea of ​​no longer deducting points from the driving license for motorists who commit minor speeding violations.

What if, in the near future, a little speeding ticket only emptied your bank account, and not your points balance on the driver’s license ? This is what could happen, according to the words of a source from the Ministry of the Interior, relayed by Progress.

This media affirms indeed that a source places Beauvau declared that“we will hit much less on small speeding tickets”. A reflection on the subject is underway within the ministry, in order to no longer deduct points from the driver’s license of motorists guilty of minor speeding.

“The idea is that you will no longer lose a point if you are 5 km/h above the authorized speed, also specified the ministry. which is not nothing, since 58% of speeding offenses are less than 5 km/h. When 95% of them are below 20 km/h (once the technical margin has been subtracted).

A dangerous measure?

These declarations did not fail to react. Chantal Perrichon, president of the League against road violence, believes that this is regrettable. ” Must be of a crass and hallucinating ignorance to suggest this. » She also believes that “it is by fighting against minor speeding that there will be a decrease in mortality.

Which, in fact, is very debatable, even false. Despite the multiplication of the number of radars, the figures for the number of deaths on the roads of France have not really changed since 2013. The Court of Auditors has even criticized this all-radar strategy. And if road safety figures are on the rise again at present, it is mainly because the year 2022 is marked neither by curfews nor by confinements.

Finally, let us recall that each year, almost 15 million tickets for speeding are drawn up in France. The real number of speeding tickets is difficult to quantify, but logically much higher. Each year, speed checks yield between 500 and 824.4 million euros (peak in 2017). The fact that the State is thinking of keeping only the fines, by removing the minus points, also says a lot about its “road safety” policy

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