Should you leave your windows ajar in summer?

A Swiss study measured the difference between windows ajar and windows closed when parking your car in the sun. Check out the results.

Extreme heat + parking in the sun = windows ajar? This well-known formula has been tested in 2015 by the Swiss Touring Club (TCS). The test took place in the town of Dübenhof, near Zurich. The organization placed a Volkswagen Tiguan in a room equipped with UV projectors. This makes it possible to reproduce a sunshine equivalent to that of a summer day in Europewith a constant outside temperature of 25°C.

In less than 15 minutes at this rate, the 30°C mark is crossed on board the Volkswagen. After half an hour under the dodger, the temperature is close to 35°C.

But above all, the difference between a vehicle keeping its windows closed and one keeping all four windows open by 3 cm is only 2°Cas shown in the graph below.

Graphic: Swiss Touring Club

Keep windows ajar: did not allow air to circulate in the passenger compartmentexplain the authors of the survey. It is also not advisable to open the windows wider because of the risk of theft and other unwanted visits to the car”.

Photo: Swiss Touring Club

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