see you tomorrow for the ultimate long distance test!

The Mercedes EQS is the electric equivalent of the S-Class developed on a specific platform and bringing together all the know-how of the German brand in emission-free propulsion and safety and comfort equipment. A kilometer-long eating machine in the comfort, silence and security that we have decided to push to its limits.

Live Video - Mercedes EQS 450+: see you tomorrow for the ultimate long distance test!

No, we are not going to do dozens of peripheral laps to test the maximum autonomy of this EQS 450+, the most efficient version of Mercedes’ electric road, even if it was tempting to check the 784 km d autonomy announced by the WLTP cycle that would be enough to beat the record of the section.

We are heading tomorrow in a different direction with a simple goal: to achieve the greatest possible distance in 24 hours. We have thus concocted a loop almost exclusively motorway and including several Ionity fast charging stations capable of delivering without the least drop of perspiration the 200 kW that the EQS can withstand. No eco-driving on the program and even less hypermiling: we will stick to the limitations in force at the cruise control and we will not deprive ourselves of using the (very) numerous onboard equipment. A test which therefore mixes efficiency but also recharging speed!

How many kilometers will we be able to cover in one revolution of the dial? There is obviously a record for an electric car which is 2,781 km, achieved in 2019 by the Youtubeur Bjørn Nyland at the wheel of a Tesla Model 3. No chance of beating it since it was made in Germany to take advantage of the unlimited motorway sections, but we will try to get as close as possible to it.

Live Video - Mercedes EQS 450+: see you tomorrow for the ultimate long distance test!

And as with the device, we will take you with us shooting videos at the start and throughout this adventure that you can watch live. on our Facebook page then offline here.

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